5G Innovation Centre

The 5G Innovation Centre brings together leading academics and key industry partners in a shared vision to help define and develop the 5G infrastructure that will underpin the way we communicate, work and live our everyday lives in the future. 

5G at the University of Surrey

Centre and facilities

Our facilities include an independent testbed for trialling emerging 5G ideas, proving concepts, validating standards and vendor inter-operability testing.

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5G research

Our research addresses the key challenges in the development of a 5G infrastructure capable of providing connectivity for future technologies.

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Our people

Our team combines expertise in key technical areas with a collaborative, industry-focused approach.

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5G media enquiries

We can offer expert comment to the media across a range of 5G-related topics.

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Latest news

Press release

University of Surrey shows Europe’s first 5G controlled car

The University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) hosted the country's first Transport on Demand (ToD) demonstration of an autonomous vehicle at its unique 5G testbed. 

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5G solution assures 4K video quality on mobile phones over the internet

Researchers in Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre have developed a novel technique that enables mobile phone users to view 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) video undisrupted, regardless of where the content source is located on the public internet.

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Press release

New invention to give consumers full control of their smart devices

Consumers may soon be able to seamlessly control all of their smart devices without needing to download several different interfaces and apps, thanks to a new protocol that has been developed at the University of Surrey.

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Be part of our 5G vision

Research opportunities

Find out more if you are interested in working for us or contributing to our research activities.

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Be part of a centre of excellence in 5G and gain access to leading academics and researchers.

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Postgraduate study

Our courses provide specialised training in engineering aspects of the fast-developing IoT and wireless communications field.

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Featured 5G news

For more top 5G news stories and to browse our archive, visit our news section.

Member network

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