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Discover our research Grand Challenges, which combine expertise from across the University to address key global issues.

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Latest research news

Read our latest news and features about research at Surrey, which is addressing this century’s most pressing challenges while fuelling students with a spirit of curiosity and drive to improve the world. More »

Miniaturised optical devices enabled by carbon nano technology

Research published today in Nature’s Scientific Reports demonstrates carbon nanotubes creating wafer-thin, flat structures that enable the miniaturisation of a range of optical devices.

Removing the need for traditional curved refracting lensing systems, which are generally bulky and expensive, will enable new compact optical systems based on this nanotechnology.

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Space sleep study to shed light on ageing

  • University of Surrey and European Space Agency launch sleep study to tackle health problems shared by astronauts and the elderly
  • Ground-breaking study will use simulated micro-gravity to replicate the conditions faced by astronauts in space
  • Wearable technology, melatonin levels and blood samples will provide key to how sleep patterns impact health

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Recommended levels of activity rarely achieved by obese children and those with liver disease

  • Research highlights non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is most common form of chronic liver disease in children and adolescents in western countries
  • Exercise and healthy diet curb liver disease 
  • Children with liver disease exhibited more restrained eating behaviours and are more likely to exercise than obese children without liver disease

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Our Grand Challenges

The University of Surrey’s research Grand Challenges combine expertise from across the University to address key global challenges.

Science delivering global wellbeing

At Surrey, we are contributing to this grand challenge through our research on the management of complex diseases, understanding the genetic make-up of species through whole genome analysis and tackling issues such as antimicrobial resistance and climate change.

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Sustainable cities, communities and economies

In order to sustain international growth, cities have to become more energy and resource efficient, communities more interactive, economies able to respond to global economic pressures more effectively and security of food and water supply becomes imperative.

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Connecting societies and cultures

Surrey is a pioneer in communication technologies and is applying its technological flair through its innovations in health, connected systems and innovative methodologies priority areas.

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