Strategic research themes

As part of the University of Surrey’s research strategy to realise ambitious objectives for research excellence and impact, a series of thematic research priorities has been identified. 

Our Research Themes allow us to build on our existing strengths and invest in new complementary areas where we can demonstrate a distinctive capability.


Our research includes:

  • Developing a better understanding of the world's resources
  • Understanding environmental phenomena and how they impact on society
  • Developing understanding of the behaviours and attitudes that shape the way people interact with their environment
  • Developing technologies, processes and models that seek to improve our ability to live sustainably and well.

Urban Living

Our research includes:

  • Understanding how communities work and how to build greater social cohesion
  • Dealing with the challenges of an increasing/ageing urban population
  • Realising opportunities associated with the development of smart cities and/or autonomous vehicles
  • Aspects of urban design and urban infrastructures
  • Optimising economic performance. 

The University of Surrey is also developing four further research themes:

Digital Innovation

Innovation for Health

Lifelong Health and Wellbeing

Space and Aerospace